Dozer / TLB

Well maintained, fuel efficient dozers and TLB for hire in and around South Africa. LT Earth Movers provides top quality operators that have been trained and are medically fit to operate the dozers and TLB’s.

TLB for hire

Make Size Plant No fuel consumption
Cat TLB (4×4)   1 10 to 12 l per hour


A tractor loader backhoe or TLB is actually three pieces of construction machinery (tractor, loader and backhoe) combined into one versatile piece of machinery. It’s designed to move easily over even the roughest terrain. Each part is suited to a particular type of work and typically, all three components are used to get the work done.

The loader is attached to the front of the tractor and has several applications:

a) It can be used as a powerful scoop to pick up and carry large amounts of loose material        and usually is not used for digging.

b) It can also push dirt like a plough, or to smooth over rough/uneven surfaces.

The main tool of the TLB is the backhoe, which is used to dig up hard, compact material such as earth, and to lift and move heavy loads.

TLBs can travel between sites under their own power as they are relatively lightweight, and are especially useful when larger machinery isn’t an option and when precision work is required.

It’s a multifaceted workhorse for multiple applications

" Do you need your site to be surveyed?  Call Lance, we have a team of in house surveyors and work with top engineers that can assist. "


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